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Sound Stage 9


The largest sound stage in the southern hemisphere has been unveiled at Village Roadshow Studios at Oxenford on the Gold Coast.

Sound Stage 9 is a world-class venue which has been sound proofed and equipped with current industry standard facilities including air conditioning, extraction fans, steel grids and catwalks. Sound Stage 9 has an overall surface area of 3,716m2 (40,000ft2), is 80m (262 feet) in length, has a width of 47m (154 feet) and is 18m (59 feet) high.

With the addition of Sound Stage 9 to existing facilities including the Southern Hemisphere’s largest water-tank, Village Roadshow Studios has cemented its position as one of Australia’s premier filming locations.

Sound Stage 9 will also play host to the Squash competition for the Gold Coast 2018 Commonwealth Games (GC2018) as part of Village Roadshow Studios partnership with the Queensland Government as a GC2018 venue. Squash, Table Tennis and Boxing competitions along with Badminton training will be held at Village Roadshow Studios.

Sound Stage 9 will provide an ongoing legacy for the Gold Coast as an all-purpose venue as well as enhancing the Film and Television industry in Queensland both domestically and internationally.



262ft – 80m


154ft – 47m


59ft – 18m


40,000ft2 -3,716m2