Testimonial by Rob Cowan ‘Producer’

“It was great to come back to film at the Village Roadshow studios on the Gold Coast. As soon as I got involved on Aquaman there was only one place I wanted to make the film- Village Roadshow.

It gave us everything we needed - 9 stages- two outdoor water tanks and an indoor tank where we sank a submarine. We even built an Italian Village on a hillside behind the studios. LYNNE Benzie and her team make everything easy and they are so accommodating. 

We really could not have made the film anywhere else in the world.”

Fun Facts

  • Aquaman commenced production at Village Roadshow Studios from January 2017 and continued through until December 2017.
  • Aquaman took over the whole site. All 9 production offices, 9 Sound stages including lockups, 6 construction areas and wardrobe areas were utilised.
  • Over 600 locals were employed as crew for the production. With 80% Queensland crew, 1,417 suppliers and services with 426 different vendors, the production kept the local area busy for many months.
  • The Studios backlot was used for the Italian city scenes. It was an exact replica of a town in Sicily.
  • The production filmed on location in Main Beach, Coomera, Southport, North Stradbroke Island and Hastings Point to create the scenes they wanted.
  • The film was shot in dry for wet, so not many scenes were shot in the water itself.
  • Cast often visited the Village Roadshow Theme Parks in their off time.