Wardrobe and Laundry Facilities are housed in two buildings adjacent to the sound stages.

High speed internet connectivity is available at the Studios. Areas can be networked together to suit your requirements. Charges will apply for usage.

The hiring rate includes cleaning of amenities, supply of telephone lines, handsets and facsimile lines.

Telephone, facsimile and data call charges are monitored daily and invoiced monthly, including a 15% plant and equipment service fee.

Electricity and air conditioning charges for all wardrobe facilities are monitored weekly and charged to the production.

Wardrobe Feature Details
Area Square Feet
Area Square Meters
North Wardrobe area
2 small workrooms – no equipment, 2 large workrooms – no equipment, 1 laundry (2 washing machines & 2 dryers), 2 dressing rooms
South Wardrobe area
2 large workrooms, 1 small workroom, 2 storage areas, 1 mezzanine workroom, 2 laundries (2 washing machines & 2 dryers)