The Dawn Treader boat from Narnia was an incredible display of quality workmanship and size with the boat having to be built in Stage 8 in sections. The different sections of the boat were then transported to Cleveland Point in South East Queensland where it was then rebuilt on a large rotational concrete plate and gimble system.

It was then dismantled and transported back to Village Roadshow Studios and reinstalled in Stage 5 – unfortunately, the boat was that big, the head and the tail could not be put back on as the 15.3 m (50ft) stage was not high enough.


  • The production used both Main and Outdoor Round tanks.
  • Several sets were built in the different stages and rotated while other sets were built when required. Stage 5 was utilised for 2 different sets. Stage 8 had a mythical forest and the Main Tank was used for a row boat sequence.
  • With the help of the City of Gold Coast council, the production also filmed on ‘The spit’ seaway on the Gold Coast where they built the exterior of a mythical town on the seawall.
  • The Narnia- Voyage of the Dawn Treader production employed over 2,800 crew including extras and cast.