Fun Facts

  • Thor: Ragnarok commenced production at Village Roadshow Studios from January 2016 and continued through until December 2016.
  • All 9 production offices, 9 Sound stages including lockups, 6 construction areas and wardrobe areas were utilised.
  • Hundreds of locals were employed as crew for the production
  • Thor Ragnarok was the first production to film in the brand new 40,000ft Sound Stage 9.
  • The Studios backlot was used for the first time ever by Marvel for 2 huge sets (Asgard and Sakaar) each were the size of a football field.
  • The production filmed on location in Brisbane City, Tamborine Mountain and in a Quarry near the Studios.
  • Cast often visited the Village Roadshow Theme Parks in their off time

“The Gold Coast was a great place to make a movie. I lived there for six or seven months. It gave us an opportunity to … paint on a brand new canvas. There were just so many amazing new environments we could put on screen … had one of the most amazing crews, ever. It was a great place to live, with my family. Beautiful, beautiful place to be.”

Brad Winderbaum- Producer of Thor: Ragnarok