Executive Producer Rob Cowan was happy to discuss how Village Roadshow Studios helped bring the film to life — “they have eight stages which we were able to use and have a great water tank which is essential to our movie”

Professionally the crews have been top-notch, they’re probably the best I’ve worked with in the world and the facilities are terrific.

Executive Producer, Rob Cowan

Cowan goes on to say “All of the actors loved it here. It’s an easy atmosphere, having the beaches is great, the weather is fantastic. There is a lot to offer. It was a great experience for everybody. It could not have been better”


  • San Andreas commenced production on 17 February 2014 and continued through until 15 August 2014.
  • The film employed over 1300 crew, including extras and cast.
  • The production utilised 7 of the 8 sound stages (before Stage 9 was built) and the Main Outdoor Tank.
  • Stage 8 was used to build a restaurant scene & HQ/offices for the earthquake office.
  • A portion of the Hoover dam scene was built in the car park out the front of the Studios. This space was also utilised for the Helicopter shots.
  • The Main Water Tank was utilised to build part of the high-rise scene when a tsunami hit. This incredible set was installed on a hydraulic system that pulled the set up and down into the water.
  • The opening sequence of the car hanging down the rock face was built on the exterior wall of Stage 7.