Queensland Government


The Queensland Government is committed to the development of Queensland’s screen industry, providing financial and non-financial support to productions filming in Queensland, through its film and television agency, Screen Queensland.

Screen Queensland may financially support productions that demonstrate significant economic benefit to Queensland and provide professional development opportunities for Queensland practitioners.

Support may be available in the following forms:

  • Location scouting – a grant up to a certain amount based on the anticipated Queensland Production Expenditure (QPE). Support through the Locations Scouting programme is available for projects prior to commencement of pre production and prior to or during financing;
  • Production Incentive – a grant up to a maximum amount based on the anticipated QPE, the engagement of bona fide Queensland practitioners and/or the creation of infrastructure in Queensland;
  • State Payroll Tax Rebate – Australian and international projects are eligible for the Queensland State Payroll Tax Rebate according to the terms of that rebate.
  • Project and Business Development – investment programmes for writers, producers and directors to create ideas that can be sold in the marketplace. Queensland based practitioners or interstate practitioners engaging Queensland writers may apply.
  • Production Investment – an investment up to a maximum amount to support production activity in Queensland and support Queensland practitioners to produce high quality screen content.
  • Revolving Film Finance Fund – a loan to cashflow the Producer Offset, distribution guarantees and pre-sales, available to Australian projects in all formats, including co-productions. Preference is always given to Queensland producers and production activity in Queensland.

There are many benefits to filming your next project in Queensland including ways to significantly reduce below-the-line costs.

Queensland crew rates and other production costs are very competitive with most international and Australian locations.

The Queensland Government, Screen Queensland and local councils are working to make Queensland an even more attractive production location through streamlining film approval processes and promoting the cultural and economic benefits of film and television production for the state.

For more information on the available incentives contact Screen Queensland on: (07) 3248-0500 or visit: www.screenqueensland.com.au