For an overseas production company filming in Australia, it is advisable to utilise the services of an Australian based production services company. The use of such a company will help ease the off-shore company through immigration, union negotiations, taxation and banking regulations etc. More recently with the establishment of the Producer Offset, Production Services has been able to offer substantial help to Australian Producers, especially in the area of pre and post production.

Prep Shoot Post can offer each of the following services separately or as a package:

  • Production Services
  • Accounting Consultancy
  • Payroll Administration

Production Services

  • Consult on production budgets and schedules
  • If requested, organization of creation of the AU entity for the production
  • Negotiate with Australian Unions re variation requests regarding AU Cast and Crew
  • Provide sponsorship through the AU Entity and work permits for overseas cast and crew
  • Liaise with both State and Federal Government departments including the lodgement and finalization of all rebate applications
  • Establish bank accounts
  • Consult on issues surrounding casting and crewing in Australia
  • Help with Cast Agreements, Crew Agreements, Location Agreements
  • Use of our pre negotiated MEAA offshore cast agreement
  • Provide production accounting consultancy and payroll administration (see below)
  • Consult on Australian taxation requirements
  • Provide post production accounting services updating & maintaining records on Australian (and overseas if required) costs until close of bank account
  • Preparing and filing state and federal tax rebate applications
  • Maintaining all records to finalisation of rebates, final tax return and bank account closure.

Accounting Consultancy

  • Overseeing all accounts payable, petty cash, journal entries, purchase orders, deposits etc
  • Tracking weekly cost reporting and trial balance movement and reporting directly to Producer
  • Previous packages used include Vista, PSL, Media Services and Eclipse.

Payroll Administration

  • Liaising with international payroll services such as Entertainment Partners
  • All invoicing and tracking of taxes due
  • Initial and post handling of Workers compensation claims
  • Issuing of all payment summaries
  • Filing unemployment claims and complying with unemployment departments requests for information
  • Post Payroll if required

PSP will consult with the offshore Production Company to evaluate the level of service required. A fee based on this level of service will be negotiated prior to the commencement of any production.

Previous Clients

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